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spooks_lair's Journal

Spies or Spooks.
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fanfiction ansd fanart about spooks aka MI5
Links to other LJ's I own.

LJ for my stories, aidenschallenge
LJ for my art, blades_mate
My RP journal, speeds_muses

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Hi, my name is Jolanda but here in LJ land everyone knows me as Aiden, because I'm not only a Spooks fan but also a CSI fan.

This community is friends only because most of the writings or fanart will be NC-17 and slash (M/M relationship) so not suitable for minors. You have to state your age before I'm alowing you to become a member, if I don't know who you are.

You can post stories here but the fandom has to be Spooks, crossovers are alowed too. Or if you have fanart you want to show, please do. Het is welcome too.

Do you want to pimp an LJ or a community, please contact me first.